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What if my watch stops working?

In the event of your watch having a problem, as an official dealer we can provide you with the full support that you require. As well as this, you also receive direct support from the manufacturer of the watch themselves, who usually offer a technical support helpline and guarantee center.

We provide you with full support after your purchase.

Return a damaged watch?
What is Security Validation?
Do you sell secondhand watches?
Do you sell fake/replica watches?
Do your watches come in boxes?
Can I order by telephone?

Yes, you can order by telephone by calling +41 79 210 63 21 (CH), or +41 24 441 14 60 (CH). Our sales lines are open 7 days a week.

Can I pay by cheque?
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What if I order a watch and I don't like it?
Are batteries included in the watches?
Do your watches come with guarantees?
Are the watches actually in stock?
Are you an official supplier of these watches?

Buying & Shipping

My order hasn't arrived yet?

While the vast majority of items do arrive on time, there are occasional postage delays, especially at this time of the year. Invariably domestic orders will turn up within a couple of days, but if after 10 working days your item hasn't arrived please email We will begin a lost in post claim, and issue you with either a replacement or a refund immediately.

How do we send the items?
How much is delivery?
Do you ship to international locations?
Can you deliver to work addresses?
What kind of packaging do you use to protect my watch in transit?

For maximum protection, we use our own custom-cut cardboard boxes which snugly fit the boxes of all watch brands which we sell, filled with air bags or polystyrene. Also, we appreciate that the purchase of a watch is often intended as a gift, therefore all of our packaging is completely unbranded with no mention of 'Fludo Swiss Watches' on it.

Can you deliver on a Sunday?
Do you have an email address?
Can I write to you?

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